Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowans, Caucus For The One Who Can Overcome The Republicans in More States, Lest The War In Iraq Continues.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

IOWANS, Caucus For The One Who Can Beat The Republicans In More States
Posted 1/3/2008 8:07 AM CST on Des Moines Register

Iowans, Caucus For The One Who Can Overcome The Republicans in More States, Lest The War In Iraq Continues.

Caucus only for the Democratic Presidential Candidate who is leading in the national polls.

Caucus on for the one who can withstand the attacks of the Republicans.
The One who has beaten them in New York.

The One they know will take away their female voters in all states in the US.
The One who met Rev.Martin Luther King.Jr in 1962 and is more committed to both civil rights and fundamental human rights.

The One who cares more for the welfare of American women and children.

Vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President.
A faithful wife, a diligent mother, and an intelligent leader who still cares for the aged, caring for her beloved mother till date.
She is the mirror of the American Woman.
Hardworking wife and mother and leader.
She is the flag bearer of American Women.

She has stood by her husband through the storms of life, and they triumphed, and she is ready to stand up for you in the leadership of America, for the restoration of the American Dream.

For the nation building of a New America, for a New Beginning, for a better and greater America.

Kindly, read the following report by MATT STEARNS.

McClatchy Newspapers
NEW HAVEN, Conn. --

All that Hillary Clinton would become -- all that inspires her allies and her enemies alike -- emerged during her years roaming the Gothic buildings of Yale Law School.

She helped edit a journal that included cartoon police-pigs and that published a self-aggrandizing essay by a Black Panther who had been convicted of murder. Yet she also helped calm a politically inflamed campus.

She nurtured an interest in using the law to aid the needy -- especially children -- that remains integral to her politics, but which opponents use to pummel her values.

She projected an intelligence that impressed many, but that could be cool and intimidating.

God bless you as you caucus for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who can lead the Democrats all the way to Victory.
Vote for a Winner!

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