Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank God for the Victory of Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania!

Photo: Yahoo News

"The road to 1600 Pennsylvania Road runs right through the heart of Pennsylvania."
~ Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton after winning the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary on April 22, 2008.

Thank God, Senator Hillary Clinton has done it again, with another big state win in n Pennsylvania!

It is an outstanding victory for Hillary Clinton who beat Barack Obama by 10 points.
She won 55% of the votes, while Barack Obama won 45%.
Barack Obama spent over $11 million on TV adverts and other strategies in his desperation to win the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary and lost to Hillary Clinton who spent only about $5 million.

Hillary has the artillery to secure victory for the Democratic Party in the Presidential Election in November 2008.

The Democratic Party will lose the Presidential Election without Hillary Clinton.

Only the dream team of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton or Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can beat John McCain and the political machine of the GOP in the Presidential Election in November.

This is my best advice to Democrats.

God bless America!

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