Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign Photo Album

Dear Orikinla,

Throughout this campaign, one of the things that has touched me the most has been the incredible show of support I've seen from the people I meet every day.

I'm energized by the crowds of thousands cheering on my campaign. I'm moved by the mother who takes my arm and tells me to fight to make sure the insurance companies don't deny her son coverage.

And I am inspired by all you have done for my campaign. You've made calls, you've volunteered, you've voted, you've given -- and I'm so grateful for all you've done.

My campaign has put together an album of some recent photos from the campaign trail in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I hope you'll take a look and enjoy!

Thank you for everything,

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank Jehovah God for the Historic Victories of Hillary Clinton

For everyone here in Ohio and across America who's been ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out, for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, and for everyone who works hard and never gives up -- this one is for you.
~ Hillary Clinton said before supporters in Columbus.

I thank Jehovah God for Senator Hillary Clinton as she won the most crucial battles of the Democratic presidential race for the nomination Tuesday in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island and only lost in Vermont where Senator Barack Obama won nine of the fifteen delegates at stake.

Hillary Clinton disappointed many key figures in the Democratic Party and millions of the fanatics of Barack Obama who were rehearsing their "Hillary's Ignominious Finale" for the world premiere today, but God changed the script overnight and gave us a new script, "Hillary Clinton's Victorious Come Back!"

As Barack Obama won 11 Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses in a row, most people had written off Hillary Clinton and were only waiting for her to surrender the presidential nomination to Barack Obama. But she did not give up hope and she looked ahead to overcoming the odds against her and she overcame them last night in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island.

In January, after Barack Obama won the Iowa Caucuses, I knew those who already wrote articles in anticipation of Barack Obama's victory in New Hampshire, but Hillary Clinton shocked them by winning the primary and they had to eat their words.
She has done it again with her superlative victories yesterday.

God works miracles.

Who is laughing now!

Never give up until your last breath.

Quitters are never winners.


You know what they say, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation. Well, this nation's coming back and so is this campaign.
~ Hillary Clinton.

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