Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clinton Has $35 Million in Bank, Obama $32 Million

Clinton Has $35 Million in Bank, Obama $32 Million

Sen. Hillary Clinton spent roughly $20 million in the third quarter in her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and had $35 million left to spend in her primary quest, aides reported last night. Her chief rival for the nomination, Sen. Barack Obama announced late Monday her has more than $32 million cash remaining for the primaries despite also spending at a rapid pace.

Counting funds that can be used for the general election, Clinton had roughly $50 million in reserve when September ended.

Much of Obama's spending appears to have been on advertising in Iowa; a report from the Nielsen Company showed he has ran more than 4,000 ads in Iowa, compared to 1,662 by Hillary Clinton and 45 by John Edwards.

--Perry Bacon Jr.

Posted at 8:17 PM ET on Oct 15, 2007

Washington Post on 15/10/2007

All thumbs up to Senator Hillary Clinton and her Team Hillary for the great progress on the road to 2008.

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